About Us

About us

Have you ever thought about expanding your business using MCI services?

Do you want to facilitate employee's communication using mobile services and applications?

Do you want to be in an ongoing contact with your customers?

Do you need a secure network for connecting enterprise's remote devices to its central server?

Are you looking for special mobile communication services, tailored to your business needs?

MCI Business Services

MCI, with the mission of providing state of the art communication services and solutions has entered the field of serving enterprise customers. For this purpose, department of "MCI Business Services" has been created with a mission of "empowering organizations and enterprises, by providing consultancy and state of the art communication services and solutions".

MCI Business Services, with respect to its mission and considering  its managerial systems, provides variety of mobile communication solutions to organizations and  enterprises  such as government, ministries, large corporations,  small & medium enterprises and small & home offices in different sectors  including  industry and mine, oil, gas and petrochemical, banking and financial institutions, contracting and construction, water and power plants, transportation and distribution, information and communication technology, food industry, health, education, trading, media  & advertising and tourism.


MCI's enterprise solutions are combination of:

A comprehensive MCI portfolio of products and services

The pioneer role of this operator in the field of mobile communication services in Iran

Extensive  network coverage throughout the country

Technology deployment and management of mobile communications  according to international standards

Innovation in services  and offering them according to diversified needs of organizations and companies

Flexibility with quick and comprehensive responses

Providing  a collaborative and interactive environment with enterprise customers

Considering its corporate social responsibility in promoting communication infrastructure, assisting businesses ' development and country's economical and social growth


How MCI can help you to develop and expand your business?

Improve the efficiency of enterprises  by using cutting­-edge international technology in mobile communications

Efficient use of human resources due to flexibility in doing the tasks regardless of time and place

Help to have more control on  equipment, machinery and vehicles by developing mobile communications and ability to monitor them through remote control systems

Create competitive advantage through the use of MCI special services tailored to enterprises' needs Facilitate and maintain relationships with enterprise's members, its customers and stakeholders

Reduce communication costs of corporation while  enhancing services

Provide professional consultancy to empower enterprises through deploying MCI services

Our Mission:

To empower enterprises and organizations by providing consultancy and state of the art communication services and solutions

Our Vision:

First companion of enterprises and organizations in providing communication services and solutions


MCI Business Services