APN: Access Point Name

APN (Access Point Name):

Due to all the developments in second and third generation of MCI's mobile network in the country, now organizations can extend the access to their internal network with employees, servers and equipment.


By using MCI's APN service, organizations can benefit from a secure and separate channel for data transmission in MCI's network. In this way they will be able to enhance and accelerate the access to applications, equipment and internal servers of organization by using APN's specific sim cards without being connected to the internet.


Types of APN:

  • Sim to Sim: in this service, sim cards will be able to transfer the data via MCI's data network and by using static IPs.

  • Sim to Server: in this service, the connection between sim cards and internal servers of organization will be provided without the need of being connected to the internet and by using static or dynamic IPs, across the country.




  • Providing the required security of exchanging data between organization's internal servers and equipment without being connected to internet.

  • Expanding the internal network of organization across the country via MCI's data network coverage.

  • Providing static IP for organization's private network: in general, each sim card will be connected to MCI's data network via a dynamic IP assigned to it. In some cases, our b2b customers require static IPs in their private network and MCI can provide them with these IPs in its offered APN service.

  • Possibility of utilizing MCI's normal or data sim cards for APN service

  • Possibility of running the APN service on organization's current sim cards

  • Possibility of making the changes in the APN service according to organizations' needs.




  • Financial services:

  • - Mobile/Fixed POS and ATM devices

  • - Supporting link between bank's branches


  • Intelligent monitoring/controlling of equipment remotely:

  • - Controlling equipment's  usage (Intelligent electricity, gas and water meter),

  • - Intelligent controlling/ monitoring of patients


Monitoring, security and alarming devices

- CCV camera

- Alarming devices in case of emergency situations

- Controlling/monitoring the industrial machines and equipment and informing the  equipment failure

- Automatic control of buildings remotely (controlling the air conditioner and security systems remotely)


  • Tracking devices

  • - Management/controlling the mobile sales employees and receiving online reporting

  • - Tracking the food/fuel distribution vehicles, military, public and private vehicles


  • Sales Devices

  • - Providing the access for mobile sales employees to organization's central server

  • - Connecting the sales branches to organization's central server


  • Smart Home

  • - Controlling the cooling/heating system, alarming the owner and police in case of burglary, irrigating the plants and controlling the home's audio/video system and etc.


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