Cloud Virtual Private Server

MCI Business's virtual private servers are considered as the most advanced servers which possess latest technology of virtualization. They offer all services of a dedicated server, and their hardware boundaries are determined by their virtualization software. Compared to using a private server, utilizing virtual private server costs less while it is performing just like private ones in terms of efficiency and executional capabilities. MCI Business is ready to serve customers, enterprises and organizations in this area with its data center updated based on international standards, optimized hardware, and broad band.


Advantages and applications:

Reduction in cost of enterprise IT department

Ability to enhance features (hardware/OS) of the server based on customer's need

Providing management services in all levels due to the full access to Operating System

Providing a reliable and ubiquitous service with high level of data security

Equipped with Ticketing system in order to facilitate customer's relationship with technical department

Full technical support (24*7)

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