Corporate RBT is a service that allows organizations to replace standard ring back tone of their employees' mobile phone with specific organization's tone. By using this service, not only the waiting time for the caller would be more pleasant, but also the organization's brand in caller's mind would be reinforced. Furthermore, by activating this service for the employees, it could be used for informing and promoting organization's vision and goals. In addition, by this service organizations can promote

their vision, goals and etc. for their employees and customers.


Applications and Advantages:

  • Offering a unique way of branding
  • Advertising and marketing for new products and services
  • Introducing an organization's different departments to callers
  • Increasing employees' awareness of organization's vision, mission, values, etc.
  • Informing about the organization's achievements
  • Using specific messages for different occasions
  • Cost effective channel to  promote products, services and transmit  information , etc. to customers and employees



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