Enterprise Data plans

Along with improvement in data transfer technology and launch of 3G and 4G services in country, MCI business services has offered data planswhich enable users to  benefit from high-speed internet access at anytime  and anywhere. These plans are available for enterprise customers in different volumes and time periods with ability to be activated for normal/data SIM cards to fulfill everyone's needs.


Applications and Advantages:

  • Easy access to  high speed Internet  via smart phones, tablets, laptops, and any device which has an embedded SIM card

  • Benefiting from efficiency due to the decrease in information access time Ability to select different volumes or time periods based on users' needs

  • Ability of group activation for all  enterprise SIM cards

  • Significant decrease in enterprise's communication costs

  • Ability of applying these  plans  for M2M  equipment in order to exchange, process, monitor and control information remotely

  • Providing aggregated bills for enterprises in order to facilitate payment process (paying via enterprise's account)

MCI Business Services