Enterprise Data SIM Card

Due to the development of data based services, MCI offers "Enterprise Data SIM cards" to enterprises in order to facilitate data-based communications, utilization of its applications and prepare M2M connectivity. These SIM cards can also be used for sending and receiving SMS. Moreover, customers can activate any MCI data plans and other data based services for these SIM cards such as APN.


Application and Advantages:

  • Activation of different enterprise data plans

  • Outright activation of SIM cards

  • Aggregated bills for postpaid data SIM cards

  • Bulk top-up for prepaid data SIM cards

  • Allocating credit to each SIM card separately

  • Enable/disable SMS

  • Multipurpose SIM cards: M2M devices or smart devices

  • Suitable for APN services and M2M devices (Bank's Poses, modems…)


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