Enterprise Value Added Services

MCI as the first companion of enterprises, offers "Enterprise Value Added Services" to organizations and companies that require services beyond MCI's basic and regular services.


Some of these services include:

  • Unilateral information services such as: Time table of supplying services, launching new services and publishing tenders, bids, and other documents.
  • Interactive information services such as: Government services, Government departments services, Police services and etc.
  • Transaction and payment services such as: Bill payments, taxes and etc.
  • Collaborative services with a focus on clients, employees and citizens such as: Recommendations system, polling services, surveys and service quality control systems

Applications and Advantages:

  • Offering "Enterprise Value Added Services" on MCI's appropriate communication platform and according to each enterprise's services
  • Adopting "Enterprise Value Added Services" based on enterprises' specific needs and in collaboration with applicant enterprise.
  •   Ability to use USSD codes  in order to facilitate information and service access and creating interactive communications
  •   Possibility to send and share Rich Content based on broadband communication.
  •   Ability to offer various data based services (4G, 3G, EDGE, GPRS)
  •   Ability to offer IVR
  •   Ability to offer various SMS based services
  •   Ability to send MMS


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