Fleet Management

Fleet management is a new service with the purpose of monitoring and optimizing organization's fleet performance. This approach provides a bi-directional connection with the fleet, having access to information regarding cars location and their status instantly, ability to monitor how the assigned missions are performed and sending alarms and emergency messages to drivers. Therefore, managers would have a full control on the fleet's performance which leads to organization's efficiency and costs reduction.


 Applications and benefits:

Being aware of vehicle's position and status constantly and ability to track them on map

Being aware of each vehicle's daily fuel consumption, time and place of refueling, remained amount of fuel, fuel leakage and loss

Possibility of sending alarm to drivers for immunity or any technical issue inside car

Possibility of  sending alarm for vehicle deviation from right path

Being aware of other vehicle conditions such as instantaneous and average speed, engine speed, distance travelled, driving start time, estimated time of vehicle's arrival and temperature of vehicle's containers.

Providing aggregated bills

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