Hamrah Net

MCI Business services has provided the opportunity of using mobile broadband in PC, laptop or tablet for consumers with the new service of "Hamrah-Net. Due to the MCI widespread network, Hamrah-Net can provide you with internet access on the move or stationary in all areas covered by its 3G network. Corporations and enterprises can benefit from Hamrah-Net as a backup or general access where ADSL and WiMax access are not available too.

With purchase of modems and SIMs together, enterprise customers can benefit from preferential prices and significant reduction in their costs. Moreover, Hamrah-Net modems are being offered in different types including Dongle, MiFi and Router. After activation of SIMs, enterprise customers can use "enterprise data plans" as well as PAYG.


Advantages and applications:

Outright supply and activation of data SIMs

Preferential prices

Activation of "Enterprise Data Plans"

Providing portable modems

Multiple user modems

Time and cost saving

Providing aggregated bills


MCI Business Services