Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is a new concept in the world of technology and communication. In short, "Internet of Things" is a communication platform that makes any object capable of sending data via communications networks, including the Internet or an intranet, provided by apps on smartphones and tablets and can be controlled and managed.

Internet of Things technology plays a very important role in the entrepreneurial world. Several businesses have been set up around this technology.

While the concept and the technology of IoT is in its infancy and every day more and more changes and new developments occurring in it, the use of this technology for creative entrepreneurs and researchers is a precious opportunity in Iran that could contribute to improve the environment for business and job creation in the country.

Mobile Communications Company of Iran (MCI) according to its broad communication network has started serving in this field.

The process of sending data over the Internet of Things is to give an object a unique identifier and an Internet Protocol (IP) which makes the objects capable to send the necessary data for the relevant database. The data will be visible by various devices such as mobile phones and computers and tablets to fulfill providing more efficient and smarter experience. When it comes to safety and security standards, this technology has its own new concepts and special findings.

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