Expand your Communications beyond the People, but Through Your Equipment

Advancement in technology and systems intelligence related to various businesses justifies the use of remote control mechanisms. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions wirelessly connect thousands of diverse devices to a network, enabling two-way communication. In this service, various devices with different applications transmit SMS, data or voice through the mobile network to be analyzed, stored or tracked, based on business needs. In fact, M2M services enable enterprises to use latest and updated technology of mobiles and networks in order to send/receive operational commands to devices and provide different reports based on enterprise's need. 


Applications and advantages:

Gathering and sharing information, including data related to fleet's transportation, utility usage in domestic & industrial sectors, monitoring distribution channels via controlling geographical location of work forces, providing health services for patients and many other functions are examples of M2M solutions which helps enterprises to save their time and costs.


How MCI M2M Services Provide New Opportunities for Your Business?

MCI as a leading operator of the country and due to its wide network coverage of 2G & 3G across the country, can provide end to end managed services in order to develop different products in various applications of M2M solutions. In this regard, the following services are offered to suit the purpose and need of the applicant enterprises:


  • Consultancy:

Providing consulting services in the field of machine to machine solutions including requirements and business analysis in accordance with the industry and development of new strategies and related businesses


  • Solution design & development:

Partnership & project management of M2M solutions in different fields

Partner Management & system integration  with software and all the systems of registration, monitoring, reporting and data analysis, according to the characteristics and requirements of mobile network

Cooperation in test of M2M products in order to evaluate and do the feasibility study of developing new products

  • Implementation:

Implementation of M2M solutions

Providing services related to network including billing, SIM activation & etc.

Comprehensive technical support    

Roll out support


  • Operational services:

Providing operational supports including training, support and service management


Expand M2M solutions by using services based on MCI's network, tailored to your needs



MCI's APN solution, via a dedicated channel, provides fast and secure remote access to enterprise's private LAN and information resources, through MCI data network. Based on this service, employees can access their documents, applications and servers enhancing company's productivity and efficiency.

In APN service, allocating a static IP for creating a secured network to offer data service via data SIM cards and for decreasing organization's costs is recommended.

Moreover, VPLS point to point connection or VPN is utilized in order to create a connection between enterprise's servers and MCI network.


Enterprises can benefit from reliable connection by using MCI's voice services in different M2M solutions such as Taxi calling, Emergency services and etc.



Enterprises can benefit from fast and low cost connection by using MCI's SMS services in different M2M solutions such as Fleet Management, Health services and etc.


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