The "Mobile Virtual Private Network" is an innovative service of MCI which gives enterprises the ability to facilitate and manage their communications. In this service, all employees' SIM cards will be defined as virtual private network group.


Applications and advantages:

Ability to separate business calls from personal calls based on various criteria and according to enterprise needs.

Ability to apply Preferred rates  for all internal communications (calls & SMS) 

Ability to apply specific rates in special occasions or events (e.g. different rates for working hours or weekends)

Ability to activate the service for new SIM cards as well as existing ones  

Ability to activate the service on both postpaid and prepaid SIM cards.

There will be no change in the way customers use their mobiles and no training is also required

Ability to activate this service for business partners as well as their own employees

Ability to prepare reports of each employee's voice/SMS usage level

Ability to provide aggregated bills

Ability to set specific amount of credit for each employee individually.



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