USSD is one of the 2G products that allow rapid exchange of information on cell phones of all subscribers.

USSD is defined for use in two modes: commenting mode and serving mode. In commenting mode, end users just state their opinion, for example participating in elections or surveys. In serving mode, a list of services or information is presented on subscriber's display to choose one of them. After receiving subscriber's desired option, relevant information is sent back to him/her, for example HAMBANK service.
Applications and Advantages:

•    Offer rapid and easy communication method

•    Provide interactive communications

•    Offer pricings proportional to the duration of use of the service or the number of transmission of information

•    Consider day and time or special occasion on pricing

•    Calculate pricing based on the type of service

•    Reduction in cost of access to the target market because of flexibility in determining the tariff for use of the service

•    Reduction in amount of customer calls merely for searching information

•    Increase in customer satisfaction due to faster access to information or requested services





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