Deactivate your social network account before pass the sim card to the new owner

In fact, when a MSISDN (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number) is passed from someone to another person, the new subscriber can access to all private information of the last owner, by default, if he/she didn't clear his/her history. Therefore, it is absolutely important to remove all history and private information which are stored in your social network and messenger applications, carefully. Then, inform all in contact persons that your phone number will be changed soon.

  • Telegram account deactivation is: described as following:
  • 1- Go to

    2- Enter your phone number (MSISDN)

    3- Enter the sent verification code

    4- Click on sign in bottom

  • WhatsApp account deactivation is described as following:
  • 1- Select "Delete My account" from Setting > Account menu

    2- Enter your phone number (MSISDN)

    3- Click on "Delete my account" bottom

Also it is definitely recommended to use "Two Step Verification" feature in Telegram to avoid any possible account missuses