Awareness about Caller id application (Such as Holaa)

Holaa app is a sample of applications which are released recently in According to the permissions that are granted during the installation, these sorts of apps are able to access user data in the regarded cell phones such as user accounts that are stored on mobile, accessing to internal memory, contacts to name but a few. In addition, SMS messages can be sent and received by the mentioned applications. It should have been noted that all the permissions are granted by the user.

These sorts of applications are able to process and gather information from social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter. Then after, all the collected information is sent to the database of regarded applications. In the next step, Holaa app users who install mentioned app can search by various fields such as telephone number, name, etc. To sum up, it is strongly recommended by MCI-CERT to check regarded permissions before installing applications. Therefore, users aware of permissions during the installation process. It must be noted that MCI numbers are not stored in the database of Holaa application.