Common Questions

My phone model is Sony Ericsson P1i; I have received GPRS settings from the net but I can't connect to Internet; what I should do?

1-      Enter into main menu

2-      Select "Control Panel"

3-      Select "Connections" and then "Internet Accounts"
4-      Select "Groups" then "Internet"

5-      Select "Add New Account"

6-      Go to new user and tick "Checkbox". Press "Done".

7-      Select "New Settings" and press "Priority" and select "MCCI Internet".

8-      Press "Done" then "Save".
9-      Now your settings are complete.

How I can make settings on my ITMC mgq 9190 phone manually for GPRS services?

1-      Enter into "Main Manu"

2-      Select "Services"

3-      Select "Data Account" and then go to "GPRS"

4-      Select "Edit" and enter "APN" = "MCINET" and Data Name = Name
5-      Press "Back" three times and select "WAP" in "WAP" submenu
6-      Go to "Setting" and then to "Edit Profile"
7-      Select the profile shown and select it as "ActiveProfile"

I have received GPRS settings on my Motorola V3i from the net but can not connect to the Internet now; what I can do?

1-      Enter into Main Menu

2-      Select "Web Access"

3-      Go to "Web Sessions" and then select "MCCI Internet"

4-      In "Web" menu go to "Sessions Menu" and select "Set Default"

5-      Select "Exit". Your phone's internet setting is no complete.


I have a Motorola A1200 mobile phone; I received GPRS settings form the net but I can not connect to Internet yet; what I should do?

1-      Enter into "Main Menu"

2-      Select "Setup"

3-      Go to "Date Network"

4-      Select "MCCI Internet" profile from "Connection" and then press "Connect"

5-      Press "back"; now your phone's internet setting is complete.


How I can make GPRS settings manually on my mobile phone with windows operating system?

1-      Select Star menu first

2-      Select "Settings"

3-      Select "Connections" from the bottom of the page

4-      Select "Connections"

5-      Select "Advanced" page from the bottom of page

6-      Select "Networks" button

7-      Select "New" button on top of the page (Note: Don't select new button on bottom of the page

8-      Type MCI on above field and then click on OK on the top of the page

9-      Select Edit button on the top of the page (Note: don't select Edit button on the bottom of the page).

10- Now select "New" on bottom of the page.

11- Type "MCI-GPRS" on the above field and select "Cellular Line GPRS) from the below field and then press "Next" on the bottom of the page

12- Type MCINET on "Access Point Name" and then press "Next" on the bottom of page.

13- Leave the top fields blank and click on "Finish" on the bottom of page.
14- Make keyboard inactive and select "Proxy Settings" page
15- Tick on two phrases on the top of the page and then press "Advanced"

16- Click on HTTP and type in the field and type 8080 in Port field and then press OK on the top of the page

17- Click on WAP and type "" in Server field and type 8080 in Port field and then press OK on the top of the page

18- Close all windows and then open your favorite websites by use of Internet Explorer.


Please tell me about GPRS tariffs; (are the day and night tariffs different?)?

  • The tariff for peak time (08:00 to 23:00) is 8 Rials per kb;
  • For off peak time (23:00 to 08:00) the tariff is 2 Rials per kb.

How much is connection cost to GPRS (are the transmitted data volume used as basis for calculation of the cost)?

  • The Internet access cost is calculated on the basis of the volume of the exchanged data the connection time has no effect on cost.

Has the subscriber to pay money just for visit of a website?

When the subscriber visits a website, a little data are exchanged then he / she has to pay the cost of the exchanged data. During the visit some advertising changes result in data exchange and only the cost of these data will be calculated.


How I can do at the time of unwanted connection (e.g. virus contaminations)?

  • Since SIM card is the connection point of us and the subscriber, we have no responsibility in connection with contamination of your mobile phone. For example, some information, e.g. weather data, are automatically exchanged on your Iphone via GPRS, which in turn expends some cost. The best solution is to make settings on your phone before purchase and installation of anti-virus program on it.

Do you make some action for disconnecting the connection of a subscriber (e.g. at the time of long-term connections) or not?

  • No,
  • This action may result in dissatisfaction of the subscriber, especially when he / she is downloading some data

Is GPRS service disconnected at the time of SIM Card disconnection?

  • Yes, presently, your GPRS service will be disconnected at the time of SIM Card disconnection

Are there some test methods for examining the correct calculations and connection costs?

  • Yes; one of our obligations is to provide a means for tariff testing and connection costs and we only launch the charging system after complete testing it.

Where I can find some information about GPRS?

Presently the main medial on which you can find information about GPRS is our official website ( and telephone number of 09990. We also provide information via brochures in exhibitions. Also some information are included in bills sent to the subscribers.