Free Unlimited Internet

Extending the Free Unlimited Internet Offer (special for winter)
Extending the Free Unlimited Internet Offer of Fall, by changing the offer time to 3-7 AM

In order to appreciate the enthusiastic subscribers of the Free Unlimited Internet Offer for Fall 2017, this offer extended on 14th January by changing the time to 3-7 AM. MCI subscribers can enjoy free unlimited internet traffic from 3 to 7 AM through buying any of MCI internet packages.
All prepaid and postpaid subscribers with active internet packages can enjoy the offer, but it does not include subscribers who use internet with the default tariff.
If the subscriber's internet package has been finished before 3 AM or between 3 to 7 AM, and the subscriber does not have a reserved package, his/her internet traffic will be calculated at the default tariff.
Subscribers who have limited and unlimited night packages from 2 to 7 AM can use free traffic from 3 to 7 AM.
This offer includes international as well as domestic internet traffic; and daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, and annual packages; and special packages for new subscribers and other internet packages such as Hamrahy internet packages and gift packages for USIM (15 and 20 G)
MCI subscribers can use this offer, by buying an internet package from any activation port including *1#, *10#, *100#, *1000#, SMS 8080, SMS 10, website, "MY MCI" application and IVR.
This offer is activated automatically for all subscribers with a data package and there is no need to dial any specific code to activate.