GPRS Packages

Please read the following hints carefully before activation your GPRS:

1-      You have to activate GPRS on your mobile phone for use of dream packages. You can also subscribe for this service by sending a SMS to 8088.

2-      The following regions are under GPRS coverage of the First Operator: the territory of Gilan and Mazandaran provinces, province capitals, free zones, …

3-      If your line is prepaid, when you buy a service package, its cost will be automatically deducted from your credit.

4-      If your line is post paid (billing system), the cost of your packages will be added to your bill in the next bill.

5-      After expiration of the packages, your internet service is active now and your internet access will be deducted and / or billed on the basis of current tariffs (8 rials for peak time (08:00 to 23:00) and 2 Rials for off peak time (23:00 to 08:00) and official holidays).

6-      You can not use the packages is your line is disconnected for any reason and your unused balance of the package will not be transferred to the subsequent time.

7-      You can use the package again if you buy new package.

8-      Since you can use only one package at any time, if you request for activation of new package after 24 hours, your current package will be expired and you have to pay new cost.

9-      The said packages are for use of subscribers in home sector.