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GPRS (General Packet of Radio Services) is a service provided to you by your operator, the First Operator. GPRS is a replacement for dial up service on your mobile phone (like data in GSM system) which enables rapid browsing on Internet and provides high speed online services. In comparison with dial up access, which uses a telephone number for access to the Internet, GPRS uses an Access Point Node (APN) to connect to the Internet and requires some settings on your mobile phone. OTA services sets this parameter and other parameters to connect to GPRS. After receive of your request, OTA carries out the required settings and sends the settings to you in the form of a SMS. When you viewed your SMS and entered 1234 code, the settings are automatically entered into your mobile phone. You can also send your mobile phone model to 8008 and receive your GPRS settings. If you have some problem, please repeat your request once again. If your try is not successful, lease call on 0990 and consult your problem with an expert and / or make the following settings on your mobile phone:


The following cities are under GPRS coverage:

Tehran, Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Gorgan, Ardebil, Hamedan, Semnan, Ghazvin, Zanjan, Sanandaj, Tabriz, Isfahan, Ahwaz, Zahedan, Chabahar, Shahr-e-Kord, Kerman, Kermanshah, Yazd, Yahooj, Qom, Birjand, Bojnoord, Zabol, Asalooyeh, Ilam, Arak, Khorram Abad and the territory of Gilan and Mazandaran provinces.


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