Some Legal Issues Regarding Mobile Telephones

A.    Lack of final transfer

If the subscriber decides to transfer the SIM Card to a transferee via a power of attorney, the said power is to be registered with a notary public after receive of response to the inquiries from MCI. It is evident that the issuance of the power of attorney may not affect the subscriber's rights for transfer and the subscriber will remain responsible for the line up to final transfer. On the basis of Article (678) of the Civil Code, the power of attorney is nullified in the following conditions:

·         If the attorney in fact is dismissed by the grantor

·         In case of resignation of the attorney

·         In case of death or disqualification of the attorney


B.     Lease of SIM Card to third parties

If the subscriber leases the telephone line to anybody in consideration of a rent and / or deposit, the main subscriber will remain responsible for any and all responsibilities relating to the line.

It is possible that the lessee to create a lot of cost and then disappear; on the basis of the applicable laws and regulations, MCI will claim and collect the costs from the subscriber. Therefore, we strongly suggest to the subscribers not to lease their line to anybody else unless upon a final transfer deed before a notary public.


C.     Misuse of Mobile Telephone Line

If the telephone line is used in any criminal action, then the subscriber shall be held responsible for it. We strongly suggest to the subscribers not to assign their SIM Card to anybody else even for a short time.

D.    Misuse of SIM Card Deed

If the SIM Card Deed is lost or stolen, the subscriber has to notify the case to the Department of Subscribers as soon as possible and refer to the department to fill in the relevant form, fulfill the legal formalities and prevent from its misuse.


E.     Misuse of Registration Receipt via Power of Attorney

The registration receipt evidences that you have made the prepayment. If you lost it, please notify the case to the Department of Subscribers. Otherwise, it may be subject to any misuse.


F.      Transfer of Registration Receipt via Power of Attorney

Transfer of registration receipt via power of attorney may cause some problems for the transferor and transferee and any transfer shall be done via Department of Subscribers only.

We strongly suggest to all subscribers to transfer the receipt of their name registration for SIM Card only at one of mobile telephone subscriber services offices.