Malware infection preventing

Due to the increasing proliferation of damage caused by smartphone infections by new malwares, it is necessary to consider the following recommendations to prevent such damage to smartphone users.
Required software will only be installed through well-known and trusted sources such as GooglePlay and AppStore. Installing software through social networking channels and other anonymous sources can lead to the risk of mobile phone infections.
Using anti-malware software can play a key role in preventing cell-phone contamination. Therefore, the use of an effective antivirus software and its regular updates is one of the best ways to prevent malware from infecting or cleaning your mobile phone.
When installing software, pay attention to the applications requested by the software. All mobile software displays a list of required privileges during the installation. Some software applications have accesses that do not match the functionality of the software. So, in response to these requests, decide whether or not to install the software.
In general, information on mobile phones is always at risk of disclosure or theft, so avoid keeping, if possible, vital and personal information on mobile phones.
Free Internet (WiFi) in public and commercial centers are not reliable. There is always the danger of the eavesdropping and recording of information exchanged in these systems. Therefore, do not make financial transactions and other sensitive operations through these free Internet access.
If you see any suspicious software, send it to the security events section to check the health of the software.