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4G Coverage by MCI on the 1000 km Shrine to Shrine Railroad

In the presence of the Minister of ICT, MCI and the Railways Company signed an agreement for 4G mobile Internet coverage on train route from the Shrin

4G Coverage by MCI on the 1000 km Shrine to Shrine Railroad

According to the MCI Communications Directorate, the Minister of ICT, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, at the signing ceremony of the ۴G coverage agreement between MCI and the Railways Company, said that the Ministry of ICT is responsible for mobile internet coverage on railway network. In the first phase, a thousand kilometers of train route - from the shrine to the shrine (from Qom to Mashhad) and from Qom to Tehran – will be covered, and the remaining train routes will be covered over the next year based on an agreed schedule between MCI and Railways Company, he added. WiFi service is also provided in the trains.

The Railways Company has been installing optical fibers along the tracks, as per Article ۶۷ of the National Development Plan, and an agreement between Telecommunication Infrastructure Company and Railways Company has been concluded to utilize the optical fiber network for the covering transit routes and developing the national mobile network, he added.

Azari Jahromi emphasized this will realize indirect revenues from ICT services for Railways Company, and enables a wider and more reliable network along the train routes. Besides, communications along rail routes can create new income streams for transportation companies and businesses, for example, by streaming entertainment videos or offering other services.

Studies showed ۲G coverage on ۶۰%, and ۳G coverage on ۳۸% of the train routes, Azari Jahromi said. To fill the gaps, mobile operators were called to develop and complete mobile Internet coverage at stations and along the railway tracks, he added.

Studies were conducted to develop a business model, he said, adding “Eventually, MCI volunteered and   stayed with its subscribers. Although the investment is not profitable at first, we hope it will make a good profit by increasing passengers on railroads.”

Azari Jahromi added: “We hope that this project satisfies passengers, and leads to more railway network usage and reduces the pressure on the roads, and consequently, reduces the number of road accidents and the costs of road accidents.”

Azeri Jahromi said: “These two bodies, MCI and Railways Company, each have a responsibility. One of them is responsible for expanding rail tracks, and the other for providing connectivity. These tow services are provided together to satisfy passengers.”

He added that this cooperation is not limited to Shrine to Shrine phase, and in the next phase the route to the south of the country will be covered, and the crowded route of Ahvaz will be covered the next phase.

According to the report, the agreement on ۴G mobile Internet coverage for three railway routes was signed by MCI managing director, Hamid Farhang, and the managing director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Company, Saeed Mohammadzadeh.

The managing director of Mobile Communications of Iran (MCI), Hamid Farhang, also expressed his hope that the program leads to offering satisfying services to passengers.

In this ۱۵-month agreement, MCI has committed to complete ۴G mobile internet coverage on three rail routes from Tehran to Mashhad, Zanjan and Qom.

Also, the Railways Company, by signing this agreement, committed that the introduced operators have exclusive right for wholesale Internet services on rail routes. These operators are also authorized to provide bandwidth for MCI subscribers.

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