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In the latest official rating of the top companies

MCI earns the third-highest profitability

In the 21th edition of the top 100 companies ranking in Iran, MCI has been firmly above all other mobile operators in all of the evaluation indicators

MCI earns the third-highest profitability

According to the Directorate of Communications of Iran's Mobile Communications Company, on Monday morning, February ۸th, during the ceremony attended by Abolfazl Kiani Bakhtiari, Managing Director of Industrial Management Organization, Majid Darwish, Director of the Top Companies Ranking Center and the Conference Secretary, and several managers from public and private sector was held at the IRIB International Conference Center, and top ۱۰۰ Iranian companies were introduced and managers of several leading companies were honored.

In this assessment, top companies are evaluated based on indicators such as "highest sales", "highest profitability", "highest market value", "highest value added", "highest assets", "highest employment", "total factor productivity".

Accordingly, MCI ranked third in "highest profitability", eighth in "highest value added", and ۱۴th in "highest sales" by moving up ۵ points. MCI Corporate also ranked first in the telecommunication group for the "Total Factor Productivity" Index among the top ۵۰۰ companies.

Among MCI affiliated companies, Pardakht-Aval-Kish (Jrining) was ranked first in terms of "total factor productivity" in the “computer and related activities” group, and NAK was one of the top five companies in terms of fast growth among the top ۱۰۰ companies.

The Industrial Management Organization of Iran, as the sole official and reliable organization evaluating Iranian industries, has been evaluating top Iranian companies since ۱۳۷۷. In The ۲۱st edition, companies’ performance in year ۱۳۹۶ (۲۰۱۷) was evaluated.

According to the Industrial Management Organization, the goal of top Iranian companies’ evaluation was to introduce the top Iranian companies based on IMI-۱۰۰ rankings, gather senior managers of public and private companies in order to enhance business cooperation, to enable interactions between economic policymakers and firm managers, and to increase competition and transparency in business environment.

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