Safety tips on bank payment terminals

Due to the fact that some fake bank payment pages have been viewed, please note the following before entering your information on the bank's page.
On pages where the site you are visiting requests you enter the number of the card, password, second password and CVV2, make sure that the SSL protocol is used. For this purpose, the address of the page should begin with the word https instead of http.
Pay attention to the address of the bank payment page. Some profitable people make a similar page with their home page. These fake pages are similar to the real address with small difference. You can visit the main provider's website for the real bank's address. For example, the following links are available for the Shaparak system.
Do not pay for pages via links on unknown sites and social networking pages. Because you may be redirected to a fake payment page.
The presence of an authentic e-namaad symbol on the site is essential and the cardholder must be sure that it is reliable.
To enter your bank card information, be sure to use the virtual keyboard embedded in the payment pages.
Do not store your bank card information in browsers and so on.
To purchase the charge and increase the credit, use the service provided on MCI site at