Safety tips on receiving messages and promotional links

One of the problems that frequently occurs to subscribers is an anonymous text message containing links. Most of the text messages are from this category. Observing the following points can be effective in preventing the occurrence of security incidents and contamination of the mobile phone.
Do not open the link in any SMS containing the link sent to the subscriber.
Another way to receive SMS messages can be to advertise ways to bypass the filter, provide a proxy link, increase the features of the telegram or new messenger, which is generally suggested in different groups or channels.
The incoming SMS may contain a malware download link and, by opening the link, will infect and access your mobile data.
Do not download or install any file in any text message containing the link file link, and do not download and install the program files from the groups, channels, and sources unofficially. Just download official titles from official sources like GooglePlay and AppStore, or expert people.
To disconnect links containing links, go to your cell phone operator's website or call support.
If you see suspicious items and security incidents, submit the description to the support section for review.