SIM Card Offer

  • Procedure of registration for receive of SIM Card

In each term or year, depending on availability of the conditions, some SIM Card numbers are offered to the new applicants. The notice is published in mass media first and then the applicants may refer to mobile telephone subscriber services offices or post offices and fill in the application form, submit the complete set of documents and register for SIM Card. After completion of the registration, if the offered number is less than the applicants' requested number, the lines will be assigned by priority based on date of their application form. The time for delivery and other events will be timely notified to the applicants via mass media. The applicants may also find the information on as well. After determination of the priority of delivery, the applicants, who are not interested to receive the SIM card, may refer to the post offices, complete the form and receive their prepayment.

  • Delivery of SIM Card

The applicants have to appear at the post offices on the basis of priority notified by MCI and submit the required documents and receive the SIM Card and SIM Card Deed. After receive it, the subscriber has to carefully check the number of SIM Card with the same number on the SIM Card Deed and, if he / she made sure that they are the same, receive them.

If the SIM Card is correctly placed into the mobile phone, after switching on and passing few seconds, it will be activated. Normally some messages like IR-MCI or IR-TCI will be appeared on the display and this shows your connection with the operator has been established. The message form will be different depending on the model of your phone.

If you see other messages like “Check Simcard” or “Insert Simcard” it means that you have not placed SIM Card correctly and have to relocate it.

Here you can make your calls after switching on the phone and / or you may wait for the first incoming call. If the SIM Card is defective or you can not make call, please refer to one of governmental subscriber services office and ask them to replace it and / or contact on 09990.