Security announcement about unwanted premium rate text messages

Recently a malware is registered to premium services that sends and receives fraudulent premium SMS messages without the victims' knowledge so charging their accounts for fake services. The malware is for Android and IPhone mobile devices.
In case you observe any suspicious behavior from your mobile phone, such as sudden credit decrease, immediately fallow methods of clearing mobile infected.

Methods of Clearing Mobile Infected
- Install and Scan your device with an anti-malware in order to dis infect your mobile

- Change your habits owing to the fact that the source of malware is not identified precisely. Thereby, your behavior towards cell phone should be altered immediately. For instance, DO NOT install applications without understanding applications' permissions prior to installing it. The other one that can be considered is that do not utilize cracked applications. The last but not least that can be mentioned in this regard is not to click on any suspicious links that are sent via SMS, social networks, as examples.

- It is probable that your cell phone is still infected even after scanning it by anti-malwares. Flowingly, Factory Reset is recommended. However, it should be noticed that by doing so all the data resides on your phone will be erased so that approves importance of backing up the important data before mobile's infection.

- Although, by resetting your cell phone to factory configurations, there is a slight chance that your cell phone would be infected. Nevertheless, Flashing your cell phone is considered as the final approach in order to do so. As a matter of concern, some malwares reside in kernel level in which they would not obliterated by Factory Reset. By flashing, everything will be erased on your phone and new operating system will be installed on it.

Then what we can do to prevent from infection?
- Keep your system and software up-to-date
- Use Anti-Virus and Firewalls and keeping them up-to-date
- Do not download and install applications from untrusted sources given that many problems for mobile phone users arise from downloading and installing applications from insecure resources, consider to download the required applications only from well-known and trusted sources.