MCI 4G network was launched in the spring of 2015 and now MCI mobile and broadband subscribers can enjoy 4G Internet (LTE network) and its high speed. 4G is up to 4 times faster than 3G depending on the distance from BTS.

This service enables downloading and uploading HD videos, playing online games, using Internet-based mobile apps and services easily and with high quality. Also, with 4G modems more people can use the same internet service, because multiple users won't degrade the quality of service

: To enjoy 4G internet

  • Your cell phone should be 4G enabled. To make sure, look at your cell phone manual or its network settings.
  • Upgrade your SIM card to 4G (USIM)
  • Purchase an alpha+ package.
  • Be in 4G coverage area.
  • Activate LTE in your cell phone settings.

To upgrade your SIM card to 4G (USIM), you can go to MCI chain stores, fixed-line communication centers or communication service centers (private sector).