Fake messages in WhatsApp that invite users to download Malware named WhatsApp Gold

Recently in WhatsApp messager a message has spread that warn users about a video file named Martinelli. It says that the Martinelli will cause delete all data on your mobile phone and unfortunately that details can't be restore or recovery again.
In the following it will invite users to download and install WhatsApp Gold that has many more options from regular WhatsApp.
As mentioned before that mentioned message is just a fake message that invite users to download and install a Malware named WhatsApp Gold.
According to "Sophos" team, in first place, that inviter messages has been started from Spain and we expect that the source of this messages be in Spain. Recommended, in the event that, just delete message and please don't download or install WhatsApp Gold.
An example of this fake messages placed in bottom for you to see:
"If you know anyone using WhatsApp you might pass on this. An IT colleague has advised that a video comes out tomorrow from WhatsApp called Martinelli do not open it, it hacks your phone and nothing will fix it. Spread the word."
If you receive a message to update the Whatsapp to Whatsapp Gold, do not click !!!!!

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