Wifi Aval

MCI subscribers can use WiFi Aval internet easily in public places and enjoy the quality if this service.

WiFi Aval provides quite high-speed access to the Internet. To connect WiFi, Aval you just need to be an MCI subscirber.

Why WiFi Aval?

  • Experience high-speed high quality Internet in public and religious places.
  • Using internet free of charge via popular internet packages
  • Easy connection to WiFi Aval in holy places of Iraq and reducing conversation and data roaming costs
  • Centralized usage management via internet packages
  • Saving battery charge of the cell phone due to low power consumption of WiFi

Where is WiFi Aval available?

You can access high-speed internet with WiFi Aval wherever you find its logo!

So far in many places in Iran and also holy religious places of Iraq this service is provided for Hamrahe Aval subscribers. Public places like airports, religious sites, cultural centers, commercial centers and many other crowded places are covered every day.

How to manage my usage?

You can access high-speed internet with WiFi Aval wherever you find its logo!

"Don't worry about your internet usage management! The cost of internet is calculated via internet " If you have a internet package, you are charged as per mobile internet charges. No matter how you are connected, you have only a single account to manage, which is your NOTRINO.

"WiFi Aval free megabytes in three 30-day Alfa packages" Highly popular internet packages (1+1, 2+2, and 4+4 monthly packages) include free of charge WiFi Aval megabytes. Details of these popular packages are as below:

Table 1- Alfa+ packages (limitless speed)
Duration Traffic Volume Price (Tomans) Activation Method
30 days 2GB(1GB+1GB off peak, 2 A.M to 7 A.M)(+1GB WiFi Aval) 10,000 *100*233#
4GB(2GB+2GB off peak, 2 A.M to 7 A.M)(+2GB WiFi Aval) 12,000 *100*234#
8GB(4GB+4GB off peak, 2 A.M to 7 A.M)(+4GB WiFi Aval) 17,000 *100*235#

We recommend you to activate internet package as the speed of WiFi Aval is quite high, so you can manage the usage via cost-effective packages.

How to connect to WiFi Aval

  • All MCI subscribers can use WiFi Aval
  • When you are in places covered by this service, turn on your WiFi and search for WiFi Aval.

In any place you find the logo , you can turn on your WiFi and connect to WiFi Aval. To connect, you only need to do these settings once:

  • If you use Android, turn on your WiFi. After connecting to WiFi Aval select Method EAP in the menu opened and change it from PEAP to SIM or EAP-SIM.
  • Using iPhone, open Safari browser and install the following files. Then turn on your 
  • Using windows phone, turn on your WiFi, after connecting to WiFi Aval select SIM in Connect Using menu and select AKA SIM in Method EAP menu.