Mobile Internet FAQs

How to activate our SIM card Data service?

In order to use MCI Internet service subscribers should:

  • 1- Send "1" via SMS to 8088.
  • 2- Dial USSD Code *10*231#.
  • 3- Visit MCI website, the activation menu for Notrino Internet.

How to get Notrino Internet settings on cell phone?

You can get the settings in several ways:

  • 1- Send the type and model of your cell phone via SMS to 8008
  • 2- Send the Serial No. of cell phone via SMS to 8008(To receive the Serial No. dial USSD Code *#06#)
  • 3- Visit MCI website, the activation menu for Notrino Internet.
  • 4- Manual settings:

For Android phones, follow these steps:

  • Settings-> wireless and networks-> mobile networks-> Access Point Names->
  • Then, in the name field, type mci-Notrino, and in the APN field, type mcinet.
  • Make sure nothing is written in proxy field.

For IOS phones, follow these steps:

  • General ->Cellular ->Cellular Data Network -> -> Settings
  • Type mcinet in the APN field
  • Make sure nothing is written in proxy field.

How to make sure your phone internet service is activated?

To be aware of activation for the Notrino internet service, send "0" via SMS to 8088 and wait for message to confirm.

Which areas are covered by MCI's Notrino internet service?

To get information about the areas covered by Notrino internet, see the list of areas covered by Notrino internet.

What is the normal tariff for Notrino internet?

Normal tariff of Notrino
Type of SIM card Tariff per kilobyte Tariff per kilobyte on selected domestic websites*
Postpaid SIM Card 0.4 Rial 0.2 Rials
Prepaid SIM Card 0.6 Rial 0.3 Rials to see the list of selected websites.

How fast is the current internet speed?

The speed of MCI's Notrino internet service (as an internet package or the internet with normal tariffs) is unlimited.
The speed of MCI's Notrino internet packages is as follows:

  • Alpha+ Notrino packages are offered with unlimited speed.

What is the solution to reduce data service cost?

It is suggested to activate Notrino packages in order to manage your expenses since the use of Notrino internet is more affordable for you.

It is suggested to activate Notrino packages in order to manage your expenses since the use of Notrino internet is more affordable for you.
There are several ways to buy Alpha Packages + Notrino packages and other data packages:

  • Dial USSD code *100#
  • Dial USSD code *10*32#
  • Visit "My MCI" user account at
  • Send "32" via SMS to 8080
  • Send "32" via SMS to 009810 or +9810

For more information refer to Notrino packages menu.

How different types of network coverage can be identified?

  • The LTE sign on your mobile device shows that you use the 4G Internet.
  • The 3G, H and H+ signs on your mobile device show that you use 3G Internet.
  • The E and G signs on your mobile phone show that you use 2G Internet.

What are the conditions in order to use Notrino internet?

For using Notrino internet, it is necessary to:

  • To be within 3G or 4G network coverage area. To find out about covered cities, you can see their list on MCI website.
  • Your mobile phone should have the ability of using 3G or 4G network. To ensure this, you could refer to your mobile phone guide or its network settings.
  • To get use of 4G Internet, you must replace your SIM card, but for using 3G Internet there is no need to change the SIM card.

What does it mean to reserve a Notrino package and how could it be possible?

If a subscriber has an active package, when s/he activated another package, the new package will be reserved for him or her. This means that, once the current package ends, the reserved package will be activated while extending traffic or time.

What are conditions for Alpha + Notrino internet packages?

At present, all the MCI internet packages are Alpha + type, and available in different traffics and time (1-day, 1-week, 1-month, 90-day, 180-day and 1-year) with unlimited speed for the use of MCI subscribers. For the details of Notrino packages, the method and cost of activation, see Notrino packages menu.

Is the cost of internet calculated with extra charge when the Notrino packages end?

Since the monthly Notrino packages can be extended in time and traffic, and daily and weekly packages can be extended in traffic, when time or traffic of a monthly package, or traffic of a weekly or daily package ends, the package will be renewed automatically, therefore the future use of the subscriber will be based on the package and no additional cost will be charged (Normal Tariffs will not be effective) unless the subscriber has canceled the auto renewal of the package.

How do I cancel the auto renewal of Notrino packages?

In case that you do not want to renew the package or to cancel the package reservation, dial the USSD Code *100*8# or send 8 via SMS to 8080.

Does MCI offer internet packages overnight?

Yes. For details about activation and overnight packages, refer to the Notrino packages menu.

What is the welcome internet package and how to activate it?

Since the winter of 1394, 800 MB internet (Alpha+) has been given to the new prepaid and postpaid SIM card subscribers with validity of one week. After activation of the SIM card, the welcome SMS and invitation to activate the free Notrino internet package will be sent to the subscriber. Up to 30 days after activation of the SIM card and receiving the corresponding SMS, the subscriber could activate the Notrino internet gift package by dialing USSD Code *100*5#.

If the SIM card is deactivated, for any reason, will the Notrino internet service be deactivated too?

Yes. At the moment, if the SIM card is deactivated, the Notrino internet service will be deactivated too. However, when the SIM card is activated again, the internet service will be activated automatically, and if the subscriber has had an active Notrino package before the SIM card deactivation and its validity is not expired yet, the Notrino will still be active and usable.

How am I charged for internet connection during connection to the Notrino internet service?

You are charged based on amount of sent and received data (in kilobytes), no matter how long you used Notrino Internet service (Charges are based on data traffic).

Does the subscriber have to pay for data usage, just by visiting a website?

Yes. When a subscriber visits a website, a series of data is exchanged and since the charges are based on sent and received data, s/he must pay the cost of the kilobytes of data transfer. However while visiting a website, this cost will be increased because of ads changing, resulting in data transfer.

What should I do with unwanted connections to the phone, such as viruses?

Since the interface between the company and the subscriber is the SIM card, basically the cell phone issues are not related to the company and the subscriber is responsible for these problems. The best way to prevent this problem is to install an updated antivirus software.

Is the Notrino internet service deactivated by changing the ownership of the SIM card?

Yes, when the ownership of SIM card is changed, the Notrino internet will be deactivated, so the new subscriber should reactivate it in order to use the service.

What are the conditions for activating and using 4G internet on SIM card?

For using 4G internet:

  • 1- Your mobile phone should be enabled to use the network (4G). To ensure this, you can refer to your mobile guide or its network settings.
  • 2- Replace your previous SIM card with the 4G SIM card (USIM).
  • 3- Buy one of the Alpha+ packages.
  • 4- Be in the (4G) network coverage area.
  • 5- Activate the LTE network in your phone's settings.

How do I get the 4G SIM card (USIM)?

To get 4G SIM cards (USIM), visit MCI chain stores, Fixed-Line communication Centers and the selected offices across the country.

How to buy Notrino products (3G and 4G modems, modem bundles, plan and SIM cards, etc.)?

Notrino products are available for buying in two ways of cash purchases and installment purchases:

Cash purchases:

Installment purchases:

For information about the Notrino products, the details of the products and their prices, refer to the Notrino Modems menu.

  • MCI stores nationwide (for access to the address and telephone numbers of all MCI stores go to
  • Online MCI store at
  • Send "1" via free SMS to 8018 for those subscribers who are willing to select the product by phone and get home delivery.
  • Rastin Argham, the distributor of MCI dongles and internet packages. Phone: 28138.
  • MCI stores nationwide (for access to the address and telephone numbers of all MCI stores refer to
  • Send "1" via free SMS to 8018 for those subscribers who are willing to select the products by phone and get home delivery.

How could I know the speed of my SIM card's Notrino internet?

MCI has provided the possibility of speed testing through OOKLA Speed Test application. OOKLA Speed Test is a powerful application for testing Internet speed which is able to evaluate Internet performance using standard ways and measuring indicators such as download speed, upload speed and delay time at any time and anywhere for free.